Christmas Vingettes Part II – New York at Christmas

It’s been an amazingly busy season here! I feel like I haven’t had time to take a breath (and certainly no time to update the blog!) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My super fantastic husband surprised me with a quick trip to NYC (our favorite US Christmas destination) the weekend before Christmas. It was so amazing to be a part of the hustle and bustle around the beautiful lights (and let’s not play, amazing food as well!). Here are some snaps from our adventures.













Baby Surprise Cupcakes


Since this is my parents first grandbaby, I really wanted to do something fun for the gender reveal. So, of course, mind mind automatically goes to food (like any good pregnant lady’s does).

I decided that cupcakes were probably the easiest way for me to give everyone the surprise I was looking for without spending a ton of money getting random “extras”. It had been a while since I made actual cupcakes instead of a cake, so I had to find a good recipe. I decided that this recipe from looked like a good bet – not overly sweet and slightly substantial, so it would hold up to some filling. It also had the advantage of having ingredients that are pretty much pantry standards.
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a loom knitted beanie

Today I finished up a gift for a very good friend at work who is going out on disability, and won’t be returning. She has kept me sane since I started my job, and has provided a Godly source of advice and support since day one. Her loss will be keenly felt not just by me, but by all whom she loved on. She was truly my “work mom”.

When she told me she was leaving, I knew I had to do something nice for her. I wanted to really put something of myself into her gift. That, and I am horrible at buying things from stores (Christmas… It’s my favorite stressful panicked shopping time of year!) I also knew I wanted to give her something that would last, so my usual go-to of baking was out.
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