The day of the apple

So, this afternoon turned into a mini-bakeathon. After feeling largely unmotivated this morning (read: I didn’t want to deal with laundry), the creativity bug bit DH and turned my kitchen into a fall wonderland.

Those are apple muffins. Excited? I know I am!

We used this recipe from the, and made only minor changes (salted butter instead of unsalted because we were out, sour cream instead of creme fraiche, and a splash more apple jack brandy. Because of reasons.) Basically, ridiculously good – double batch good!

But, we ended up having leftover apples diced up and ready to use – which, of course was unacceptable. So, we decided granola was the only acceptable fix for this situation.

We used this recipe from with some modifications. We used fresh apples and added them in with the dry goods instead of at the end, and used pecans instead of pepitas. It turned out very nicely, and cooked in slightly less time than the original recipe called for.

Now, we’re winding down with Star Wars and popcorn. My whole downstairs smells like fall – couldn’t be happier!


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