a loom knitted beanie

Today I finished up a gift for a very good friend at work who is going out on disability, and won’t be returning. She has kept me sane since I started my job, and has provided a Godly source of advice and support since day one. Her loss will be keenly felt not just by me, but by all whom she loved on. She was truly my “work mom”.

When she told me she was leaving, I knew I had to do something nice for her. I wanted to really put something of myself into her gift. That, and I am horrible at buying things from stores (Christmas… It’s my favorite stressful panicked shopping time of year!) I also knew I wanted to give her something that would last, so my usual go-to of baking was out.

So, I knitted. Well, technically I loomed. I can knit with “straight” needles (and I love to do so) but for some things, it’s just easier to use the looms I first started on – hats being one of them.

Looms are great for hats – it’s super easy to get standard sizing if you’re a newbie (like me!) and honestly, I have definitely held the loom up to the head I was making a hat for to help size it. And it works, like 96.8% of the time. I’m still convinced my niece’s head grew three sizes bigger in a week and that’s why her hat didn’t fit. Plus, I think it’s loads easier to fix mistakes on a loom than straight needles – but that could also be my inexperience talking.

I used this pattern from Milly & Tilly.com, which I ADORE and have used loads of times before (including making a hat for myself!). It’s a simple pattern that produces great results – wonderful for semi-mindless looming in front of the television. Plus the little “bumps” give it a great knobby texture, as well as make the hat look awesome.

You need a 41-peg loom (or any loom that is a multiple of 4+1) to make the pattern work, which for my set of looms limits me to making an adult sized hat only. (Note – those aren’t my exact set of looms, as mine were gifted to me ages ago and I have no idea if their provenance, but those are a great set if you’re looking to buy). Thankfully an adult sized hat is what I was aiming for this time!

This took me around 4 evenings of casual knitting to finish up, and slightly less than one ball of this yarn from Michaels. Oh, and if you haven’t already, sign up for their email – they send out 40-50% off coupons like it’s going out of style.

I am excited with how it turned out, and looking forward to presenting it to my friend this week!

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