T-minus 1 day till G-Day!

Friday morning, we find out the gender of little Baby J. As much as I am celebrating this next milestone of my pregnancy, I can’t help but feel a little bittersweet that it’s already halfway over!
In 20 more weeks (well, give or take), Peanut won’t be just a grainy photo or a hiccupy tickle when I am trying to type. So far, it seemed a little like I’ve been sleepwalking. But now, my stomach is rounder and I’ve fully embraced stretchy pants. The infrequent kicks and flutters are getting much more insistent. And soon, we’ll be able to call Baby J. By their real name.

It all happens so quickly – life never seems to go the speed you’d like it to at the time. For now, I can only pray, prepare, and enjoy this stage of our life as a couple before we fully embrace our identity as a family.


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