Baby Surprise Cupcakes


Since this is my parents first grandbaby, I really wanted to do something fun for the gender reveal. So, of course, mind mind automatically goes to food (like any good pregnant lady’s does).

I decided that cupcakes were probably the easiest way for me to give everyone the surprise I was looking for without spending a ton of money getting random “extras”. It had been a while since I made actual cupcakes instead of a cake, so I had to find a good recipe. I decided that this recipe from looked like a good bet – not overly sweet and slightly substantial, so it would hold up to some filling. It also had the advantage of having ingredients that are pretty much pantry standards.


The cupcakes came together so easily – it was a breeze.




While those were baking, I set to work on the filling. I made a simple whipped cream:


– 1 cup of heavy whipping cream
– 1/8 cup of sugar (plain old granulated is fine)
– 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
– Food coloring of your choice (I made both pink and blue filling, so red and blue dyes were needed)

Combine the cream, sugar and vanilla in a stand mixer or bowl with a hand mixer and whip until soft peaks form. Once soft peaks form, split the whipping cream into two batches if necessary. Add 2-3 drops of food coloring and continue to whip until stiff peaks form. Done! Easy as that. Stick them in the fridge until ready to use.

Once the cupcakes are out of the oven (about 20 minutes later), set them aside to cool. They need to be completely cool before you start filling and icing them.

While you wait, you can go ahead and fix your icing. I made a pretty standard buttercream icing – the same recipe you can find on the back of the powdered sugar box. In case you don’t have it handy…


– 1lb of powdered sugar
– 4 tbl (half a stick) of softened butter
– 2-4 tbl of milk (any will work, but I usually have whole on hand)
– Vanilla extract to taste

This is even easier than whipped cream. Put the sugar, butter, and a splash of milk into a stand mixer or bowl with hand mixer. Let ‘er rip until well combined, adding milk as necessary until desired consistency is reached. Since I wanted to pipe this icing, it had to be a little on the stiff side, so I tried to use as little milk as possible.

By the time I finished the icing, it was time to fill and ice these bad boys.

Filling is easy enough if you have zip-top bags, scissors, and icing tips. Choose an icing tip that is just a plain line – if you happen to have one especially for filling, use that! It will make your life easier. They are a bit longer and a big help – I didn’t happen to have one this time.


Cut a small corner off of the bottom of your zip-top bag and stick your icing tip in there. Then, fill with the whipped cream (but not too much!), twist the top of the bag shut , and get ready to STUFF.

Stick the icing tip into the middle of your cupcake – go as far in as you feel comfortable. Holding the tip steady in one hand, squeeze the bag with the other and fill until a tiny bit of filling peeks out the top. Repeat until all cupcakes are filled.


We did 6 pink and 6 blue, as we still didn’t have any clue which ones we were gonna need :)

Once that’s done, repeat the zip-top bag procedure for the icing. I used a star tip for a nice pattern. Fill your bag with icing and ice away! I just went around the cupcake in a circle – very simple.

I also added some gold sprinkles on top (cause I like gold).

And in case anyone was wondering… We only needed this set of cupcakes. :)


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