Weekend Project: 30-Minute Wreath

I have always been a big proponent of never making the Christmas decor exactly the same from year to year. If you have the space and inclination to mix it up, go for it!

Last year I had a big bow on the front door – this year, I wanted a wreath. And I didn’t want to spend $30+ to buy one. So, a trip to the craft store was in order!

I ran down to the local Dollar Tree, and picked up a few tubes of plastic ornaments. They had them in all sorts of colors, but I was going for the pearl and gold ones. I also snagged 9 feet of ivory ribbon with wired gold edging for a buck. All said and told? $7 down at Dollar Tree.

Since their wreath forms were too small for my tastes, I dipped into the AC Moore on my way home and nabbed a wreath for $3.50. Total so far? $10.50. Sweet.

I was feeling pretty good about this selection, so I went home and set up my stuff. Since a lot of those ornaments were glitter-covered dollar tree cheapos, I had visions of glitter buried in the cracks in my table. So I spread out some paper grocery bags, heated up my glue gun, and went to town.

First thing I did was pick an “up” for the wreath, and began to set up the ribbon for my bow.

I used this bow tutorial… Not only is it a really good one, but her tone and explanations are hilarious.

Once my bow was complete, I scrounged around in my kitchen junk drawer (classy, I know) for a twist tie, and secured it to the wreath. Once the loops were fluffed out, I poured out some of my ornaments and went to town placing them.

Obviously, I used WAY WAY less than the 6 tubes I bought (but they were pretty! And cheap! And I was weak.) I really only used two. So, now we’re down to a total cost of $6.50 for my super easy wreath.

Once I had the ornaments placed where I liked them, I looked for a way to secure them. I had initially thought about my glue gun, but I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be as secure as I had hoped. However, I did have a plethora of crummy, super bendable ornament hooks. I was saved!

I bent the hooks into a u-shape, looped them through the top of the ornament, and twisted them around the branch to secure.

Voila! 30 minutes and $6.50 later, I have a shiny new front door decoration :)

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