imageThe creation of Herald Home stems from a desire to get excited about my own home. My husband and I struggled when we built our house, which was to be our very first home together. Between construction issues, fighting with the builder, and an emergency move-out 9 months after we took possession of the house, needless to say it was not the fairy tale we had anticipated. It made it very hard to want to get things done when we weren’t even sure how long we’d be staying – and made it nearly impossible to feel at home.

Then, while we were still living with my in-laws during our unplanned 4-month-long move out, I unexpectedly fell pregnant – God’s timing is perfect and unknowable, we told ourselves. It completely changed the fabric of our lives (as babies tend to) and we are now faced with having only a few months to make this house a home for our expanding family when we weren’t even sure we wanted to stay.

In the midst of getting stressed, we prayed – and were reminded that the joy is in the journey, even if the destination is vague and unknowable (and a little scary). While we have grand aspirations for how we want our home to turn out, neither of us is inherently handy – so, a lot of learning is going to ensue if we’re going to stick to some semblance of a budget.

And so, Herald Home — herald meaning announcement — was born. Come peek into our house as we learn to make it a home with occasionally disastrous DIY projects, trial and error paint jobs, and comfort food.

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